How to Ice Fish for Trout

Curious about ice fishing for trout? Ice fishing is a popular sport that has taken off in recent years. It involves catching fish through a hole cut into the ice on frozen lakes, ponds, or rivers. Ice fishing for trout is especially popular due to the versatility of these fish, which can thrive in both [...]

How to Correctly Drill Holes for Ice Fishing

Are you new to ice fishing? If so, then knowing how to properly drill holes in the ice is an important first step. You must get to the fish somehow, right? Learning the correct way will help ensure a safe and successful fishing trip. But how do you go about correctly drilling your ice fishing [...]

Safe Ice Fishing Techniques

Safe ice fishing. Do these words even go together? Ice fishermen know there is no such thing as 100% safe ice. It’s an impossibility because of the natural variation in how ice forms, melts, and refreezes. Still, there are definitive steps that anglers can take to put the odds in their favor and stay safer […]

How to Attract Fish when Spearfishing

From aboriginal tribes to ancient Greece, early civilizations figured out how to attract fish while spearfishing and netting. According to the British Library Science Blog, the use of hanging baskets and men feeding fish as an early form of “fish aggregation devices,” allowed for the easy capture of big fish. Over the last 120 years, […]

All About Spearhouse Fishing

If you live where it gets cold enough for lakes to freeze, you’ve probably heard about darkhouse or spearhouse fishing. You may think to yourself, “What’s that?”. Well, we are here to help! Let’s bring you up to speed on spearhouse fishing. What is a spearhouse? To begin, a spearhouse is a shelter like a […]

How to Clean Your Catch – Gutting a Fish

Have a successful day in your skid house? If you decide that you want to keep your fish, you are going to need to know how to clean them. Making moments that matter includes gathering around the hot oil with friends at a fish fry.  However, you need to get the fish ready to eat.  […]

How to Choose the Right Ice Fishing Rod

In the history of ice fishing, ice fishing rods have come a long way.  Just like anything else, there are a lot to choose from.  The fishing rod you decide to bring out in your skid house depends on where you are fishing and what you are fishing for. Also, every fisherman has their own […]

Must-Have Ice Spearing Equipment

With the launch of our new Stryker ice fishing dark house for spearfishing, we have been fielding a lot of question about how the spear fishing sport is taking off. There are tons of products out there for spear fishing through the ice but, what ice spearing equipment is necessary? Every fisherman has his/her own […]

What to Do if You Fall Through the Ice While Fishing

No matter how careful you are while ice fishing, accidents happen. Because ice can be unpredictable, you always need to be prepared when you go ice fishing in case you find yourself in cold water.  When you head out on the ice, there are a few precautionary measures you should take to make sure you […]

Which Ice Fishing Line is Best?

Which ice fishing line is best for you? Every ice fisherman has a line they prefer, but why? It is likely you have tried two or three different types and can’t find the best one. In our experience, the best ice fishing line depends on the situation.  Your line choice may be contingent on where […]

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