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Ambush Reveals the Secret – Why our Ice Fishing Houses are so Good.

We are a company that is as passionate about ice fishing as you are. A passion that not everyone understands.

But Because of this passion, we have taken a different approach to design… and we call it “Fishing First”.  Products that put fishability first and foremost.

We have always had a fishing first mindset in all of our designs, material selection and manufacturing processes.  We didn’t really talk about it outside these walls.  It was an internal guidance philosophy.

One day, during one of our weekly meetings with our advertising agency, Andy from Weicks Media, overheard a side conversation between me and Mike, who is my son and business partner.  We were talking about Fishing First and Andy said – whoa whoa whoa – what is fishing first?  After explaining it to him, he said we had to tell the story.  So here we are.

Optimal Hole Locations

One of the first things you will notice about our ice fishing skid houses and wheel houses are the optimal hole locations and number of holes.  We understand that everybody likes to fish differently, so we have multiple layouts available and many holes to choose from.  Holes that are distanced perfectly from the benches for comfortable jigging, holes for rattle reels and dead sticks, and holes for electronics and especially the new “live” electronics.   The layouts are comfortable, and optimally oriented for  fishing. You won’t look at one of our holes and say “that doesn’t make any sense.”

Fishing First means a rugged design

Ambush products are designed and built to withstand the rigors of ice fishing.  Ice fishing can be tough on equipment as you  pull your skid or wheelhouse over and through launches, ice heaves and over snow wind-rows from plowed ice roads.  With Ambush products you can confidently go just about anywhere.

It starts with a strong chassis.  Our all aluminum skid house chassis is designed for the perfect balance between weight and strength, tending more towards strength.

NO Wood

One of the big differentiators with our products is that there is no wood in the shell or even in the floor.   Ice fishing is a messy and soggy business.  Augering holes can bring ice and water into the ice house.  You are constantly in and out of the structure with snow on your boots and, hopefully, pulling fish out of the hole and onto the floor.  It is nearly impossible to keep water off of your floor.  A wood subfloor holds moisture and will rot over time.  Worse yet, mold can grow in both treated and untreated plywood.  Ambush floors are made of composite materials and are mold resistant.  Nothing to rot.  Nothing to get waterlogged.

Because there is no wood in the Ambush structure, they are easy to clean and can even be pressure washed inside and out.

Fishing First also means that there are no seams on the walls or roof on Ambush units.  This matters because seams can be a way for water to penetrate.  In a structure with seams, going down the road or across the ice can work the seams loose, especially if they are riveted or screwed in.  Our one piece laminated process eliminates seams.

Ambush has the serious ice fishing and spearing people in mind in all of our designs and offerings to accommodate the unique fishing styles such as:

  • Different sizes to choose from
  • Multiple floor plans
  • Skid house or Wheel house

Fishing First also means available accessories to accommodate your fishing style.  Because we understand that everyone has a different fishing style, we have a full complement of well thought out ice fishing accessories that can be added. With our extensive dealer network, you can stop by one of the dealers, load up a fully accessorized house and hit the hard water.  OR If you want more control over the build, you can just buy a shell or even just the skid house chassis and build your own skid house.

Fishing first is more than a marketing slogan or tagline.  It’s a commitment that drives everything we do.

Fishing First – It makes a difference.


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