Lightweight and Durable Ice Fishing Houses.

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The skid houses that are often imitated but never replicated. Find your new home on the ice with the only company focused on “fishing first”. Ambush – The ice fishing innovators.

Slammer Comfort Suite


With options for a couch, a dinette for lunch or playing cards, or a perimeter hole layout, the Slammer has room for the whole family!

Shanty Skid House


Easy towing and loading like a Slayer with the extra room like a Slammer, the Shanty has the best of both worlds. It’s perfect for getting out there and making memories with friends and family. 

Slayer Skid House


The original woodless skid house! This size is loaded with options and features to configure just the way you like to fish!

Stryker XL


The Stryker XL is the perfect choice for anglers who want the freedom of a lightweight skid house with a little more comfort and elbow room.

Stryker Skid House


Mobility at its best! No fish is safe! With this lightweight and easy to tow skid house you can get to those hard to reach areas off the beaten path.

Stryker Darkhouse


Premier darkhouse options! Growing in popularity, we offer several spearing layouts with a dark interior to keep you concealed.

Premium Built-to-Last Skid Houses

The last skid house you ever need to buy. Unless you want another one.

Have you been searching for a premium skid house for those chilly ice fishing trips? Well, look no further! The Ambush team has worked hard to create the Slayer, the Stryker, the Stryker XL, the Shanty and the Slammer, the most durable, comfortable skid houses on the market.

Used Stryker 2075Probably the most important feature of our skid houses is the “fishing first” design.  “Fishing First” is our design philosophy that puts everything we do to a test. A test that measures everything against one question – Does this make for the best fishing experience possible? Do the holes make sense for every seating position?  Is the placement of the benches, shelves and pedestals the best for fishing?  Is the floor non-slip?  Does the insulation hold heat on a -20 degree day?  If the answer is not 100% YES; features don’t make the cut.  Everything has to be “Fishing First” to be included in our premium ice fishing skid houses

Our welded aluminum frame, skid design, and no-wood construction means rust, water leakage and wood rot are things of the past.  For a clean and unblemished appearance in mind, both houses feature a fiberglass interior and a gel coat exterior. So, it looks great inside and out! Plus, not only are our skid houses lighter and easier to move, you can safely be on the ice earlier in the season, and stay out longer.

Product Specifications

  • All aluminum frame is strong, lightweight, and won’t rust or pull apart
  • Built-in aluminum skids are durable, lightweight and easy to transport
  • Seamless Durabond Panel® construction insulates and prevents leaks
  • Slip-resistant flooring increases safety on the ice
  • Fiberglass interior with plenty of room for gear and accessories
  • No wood to rot or get waterlogged
  • Gel coat exterior looks great and protects your finish season after season
  • Many skid house accessories are also available allowing you to completely customize your skid house
  • Get out on the ice sooner and fish longer in the season.  Remember to always stay safe and know the ice thickness 

Don’t let bad weather keep you off the ice! Our premium insulated skid houses ensure that you can ice fish in comfort. You can count on the quality, craftsmanship and total fishability of an ice fishing house from Ambush. So what are you waiting for?


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