Ice Fishing with Children

Tips for Ice Fishing with Children

Ice fishing is a fun activity that allows you to create lasting memories with your kids.  With a few safety precautions and some extra preparation, you can make sure it’s a good family bonding experience.

Keep these tips in mind when you’re ice fishing with children:

Make sure the ice is thick.

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Making sure the ice is a safe thickness is an important step for ice fishing, especially when you’re ice fishing with children. Drill a test hole before you’re too far away from shore and ensure that the ice is at least 5 inches thick. Read all about safe ice thickness in our article to learn more! You should also make sure that everyone on the ice knows what to do in case someone falls through the ice.

Dress them in warm layers.

Kids should be dressed in warm layers of clothing including a wool or fleece hat that covers their ears, warm gloves or mittens, a scarf, and thick wool socks. It can also help to bring along a wool blanket or sleeping bag for extra warmth just in case. Check out this blog for more information on keeping warm while ice fishing!

Learn the signs of hypothermia.

When you’re ice fishing with children, it’s wise to be able to identify the signs of hypothermia. If they start to shiver excessively and fail to respond to questions, hypothermia may be the cause. You’ll need to warm them up quickly, monitor them closely, and get medical attention.

Use a skid ice house.

Setting up Ice house on lake AmbushAn ice fishing skid house provides extra protection from the elements and makes it easier to confine kids to a smaller area for an added level of safety while they’re in the skid ice house. Kids will enjoy it as well since the small skid house can feel like you’re all hanging out in a clubhouse. Click here to see why using an insulated fishing shelter is the best way to ice fish!

Bring along food and drink.

Kids always love snacks and drinks, so bring some along when you’re ice fishing with children. Nuts, beef jerky, and hot chocolate in a thermos are all good choices, as are treats that kids don’t usually get to have at home. Check out our favorite ice fishing snacks here!

Let kids be involved.

Let your kids have some input in the whole ice fishing experience. Talk to them about some good locations to set up and let them help choose where you’ll fish. Also give them a say in selecting bait, hooks, and snacks.

Summing it up 

Ice fishing with kids lets you involve your family in an enjoyable shared activity. And with a Stryker Skid House or Slayer Skid House from Ambush Outdoor Products, you’ll be able to keep them warmer and more comfortable while making moments that matter.

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