Ice Fishing Tackle box

What to Keep in an Ice Fishing Tackle Box

Ice fishing tackle is an important part of a successful ice fishing trip. Not all tackle can be used when ice fishing. So, when you load up your skid house for the season, make sure you grab your ice fishing tacklebox. Here are our recommendations on what every well-equipped ice fishing tackle box should have.

Lures –

Jigs: One type of lure to keep in your ice fishing tackle box are jigs. It is important to keep lots of variations with you, like different shapes, colors, or weights. You never know what the fish will be biting on. Jigs are a great lure to tip with wax worms and will catch a wide variety of fish. To maximize a jig’s effectiveness, make sure you use a simple up and down jigging motion when using jigs.

Spoons: Another lure option for ice fishing is spoons. Spoons also catch a wide variety of fish and are commonly tipped with wax worms. You can also find lots of different weights, shapes, and colors of spoons. When using a spoon, jig up and down. Because of how they are designed, a spoon will create more action in the water than a jig.  This is perfect for the extremely active and hungry fish.

Raps: Also a common ice fishing lur and just like the other lures, raps come in different colors, shapes, and weights. Keeps multiple options in your tackle box. Jigging raps have small beads inside that create more action for the fish. This can attract fish from further distances. A patterned jigging movement is used when ice fishing with raps.

Artificial or Live Bait –

Next, you will want to put artificial or live bait in your ice fishing tackle box. We do not suggest storing live bait in your ice fishing tackle box for long periods of time, but it is a convenient place to store it for a day trip. Check out our blog comparing artificial or live bait to decide what you want to bring. Don’t forget, you can always bring both!

Multi-Tool –

A multi-tool is a must-have in your ice fishing tackle box. The knife on the tool comes in handy when having to cut any line, especially if it is a braided line. The pliers can assist in unhooking fish. A multi-tool has lots of uses and you never know when you will need one! Check out the top 10 multi-tools of 2021.

Line –

Finally, keep some extra line in your tackle box. Having multiple weights and types available is helpful for unexpected respools or if you are wanting to tie on a leader line.

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