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What to Look for In an Ice Fishing Shanty

When you head out onto the ice, you want to be as prepared and comfortable as possible. A good ice shanty is a critical part of this, and can make or break your fishing trip. But what makes an ice fishing shanty any good? What should you be looking for?


Let’s take a look at a few ice fishing shantys from Ambush, the Slayer, and the Stryker series. What makes these shantys better than others? The first thing you want is durability. Your shanty is there to protect you from the elements and should last you for years to come. The shantys from Ambush take durability to the next level and feature a welded aluminum frame on a skid design. This allows them to be lightweight but very strong, avoiding materials like wood. This means common problems like rusting, leaking water, and wood rot are not going to be a problem!

Lightweight & Comfortable

A durable shanty will allow you to focus on the fishing at hand, especially once it is in place. Moving the Ambush shantys are also much easier with their lighter weight. The other important factor to consider is comfort. Let’s face it, you are going to be spending a lot of time in your shanty so it should be as comfortable as possible! The Slayer and the Stryker also excel in this category as well, as they are well insulated and have slip-resistant flooring to ensure you don’t slip and fall. The actual interior has plenty of room for all of your gear (as well as a few buddies). 

When it comes to finding the best ice fishing shanty, you must consider things like durability, comfort, and price in order to find what will work best for you. The Ambush shantys conquer all of these categories, and have everything that you should be looking for in an ice fishing shanty!

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