What to Consider When Shopping for Ice Fishing Lines

Ice fishing is a beloved winter pastime for many anglers. It offers a chilly, unique experience and a chance to catch fish that are more troublesome during warmer months. However, ice fishing requires specialized equipment, including the right type of fishing line. From line strength to the type and size of fish, there are a [...]

How to Ice Fish for Trout

Curious about ice fishing for trout? Ice fishing is a popular sport that has taken off in recent years. It involves catching fish through a hole cut into the ice on frozen lakes, ponds, or rivers. Ice fishing for trout is especially popular due to the versatility of these fish, which can thrive in both [...]

Tips for Spearfishing on Ice

Spearfishing on ice is a form of fishing that has been used for years. In climates where it gets cold enough for bodies of water to freeze, it is a technique still used to harvest fish. Some anglers spearfish on ice for enjoyment and others do it to provide for their families. Ice spearing takes […]

How to Break a Skid House Free From the Ice

After your skid house has been sitting on the ice a while or even after a long day of ice fishing on the lake, it is common for your skid house to freeze to the ice. Although this can seem like a huge inconvenience when you are trying to pack up and head off the […]

The Advantage of Ice Fishing Cameras

Take ice fishing in your skid house to the next level. How you may ask.  An underwater camera design for ice fishing. With an ice fishing camera, you can better see exactly what is happening under the ice. Underwater cameras allow you to know if your target species is around or interested in your bait. […]

Ice Fishing Techniques

Whether you are just getting into ice fishing or are a seasoned professional, there is always room to “sharpen your saw” or learn another technique. Next time you head out in your skid house, try one of these ice fishing techniques. Even if you have been on the ice for years, there might come a […]

Ice Fishing Pros and Cons: Live Bait or Artificial Bait

Your skid house loaded up for your next ice fishing trip, but you can’t decide if you want to take live bait or artificial bait? It’s a question ice fishermen discuss often. Every fisherman has their own opinion on using live bait or artificial bait and what they think is the best ice fishing bait. […]

Tips for Ice Fishing with Children

Ice fishing is a fun activity that allows you to create lasting memories with your kids.  With a few safety precautions and some extra preparation, you can make sure it’s a good family bonding experience. Keep these tips in mind when you’re ice fishing with children: Make sure the ice is thick. Making sure the […]

Our Favorite Ice Fishing Snacks

To most people, ice fishing conjures an image of a poor, half-frozen, fishing enthusiast stuck on an old bucket in the middle of the lake. However, modern ice fishing has changed with the introduction of ice skid houses. Unlike when living in an ice tent during an ice fishing trip, an ice skid house allows […]

What To Pack For Ice Fishing – A Packing Guide

Ice fishing is a popular sport enjoyed by many during the cold season. For those who head out to the frozen lakes, however, it is important to pack well so your time out there is comfortable and enjoyable. There are items to pack to help you catch your fish, and there are other essentials you’ll […]

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