Ice Fishing for Beginners

A Guide to Ice Fishing for Beginners

If you live where the temperature drops below freezing, you have likely seen people ice fishing in skid houses. Ice fishing is an entertaining activity for the cold winter months. You will find lots of people take ice fishing very seriously and invest in the sport. You will have lots of questions and learning moments as you get into ice fishing. Check out our guide to ice fishing for beginners.


First, safety is the most important when ice fishing. Never venture out onto the ice unprepared, without the proper safety gear. Make sure the ice thickness is safe for ice fishing and use a spud bar when moving. Also, you should always have ice picks on you in case you fall through.

Start Small

Next, when ice fishing as a beginner it is best to start small. Start by targeting smaller fish, like panfish, instead of trophies. When you break it down, there are lots of smaller fish that are easier to catch. The more fish you reel in, the more you learn. We recommend you work your way up to larger fish. There are pros and cons to using live bait vs. artificial bait. Be sure to pack your tackle box and bring the best ice fishing bait for you!

Eyes Underwater

Purchasing an underwater camera or sonar system can be a big step. Once you feel comfortable, we recommend you buy one. Having eyes underwater will help you learn about the patterns of the fish and can help you catch more. Check out the best fish finders for ice fishing for beginners. If you haven’t bought a fish finder yet, check out our guide on where to ice fish on a lake for tips!

Stay Warm

Finally, our last tip is to stay warm. Be sure to dress in warm and waterproof gear. Also, the proper shelter is a large part of keeping warm while ice fishing on windy days. You can use a pop-up ice shelter or a lightweight skid house. Skid houses are a great choice for beginners because they protect you from the elements. Check out the advantages of owning a skid house.

Get Out There

Now, you’re ready to hit the ice and experience your first ice fishing trip! Check out this blog to make sure your skid house is properly labeled! We wish you great success! If you get hooked and want to ice fish comfortably, find an Ambush Skid House Dealer near you!

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