Ambush skid houses what is a skid house?

What is a Skid Fish House?

In the ice fishing world, there is a wide range of equipment that makes the experience enjoyable. The best way to stay safe, warm, and have fun, is by using an ice fishing shack or tent.

On that note, there is a range of options on the market. On the higher end of that spectrum, there is the skid fish house. So, what is a skid fish house?

A Warm & Comfortable Option

Ambush skid houses can stay on the ice all season if desired, but the sole purpose of a skid house is to be lightweight and easily mobile. There’s no better skid house than one with hard-sided walls; unlike a pop-up or hub-style ice-house that has cloth sides, which are no fun in the wind.
An Ambush skid house has more mobility on the ice (there’s no setup and takedown like a pop-up or hub) but also blocks wind and cold weather with the insulated hard sides. While a pop-up or hub house are the most common ice houses that are used thanks to their low-price range, you can’t beat a hard-sided skid house- in other words, you get what you pay for.

Ambush Skids on Ice House Pull Bar skid fishing houseIce House Features

Skid fish houses have one main feature that separate them from the rest. As the name hints, skid fish houses have skids on the bottom.

Skids act like large skis that allow for easy transportation and stability on the ice. Although most fish houses will require a vehicle to move, skid houses make the entire process so much easier with the capability to be moved with almost anything, including ATVs, UTVs, snowmobiles, etc. Ambush currently offers two types of ice houses with skids; the Stryker and the Slayer.

Simple Design, High-Quality Materials

The overall build of skid ice houses stays relatively the same as the designs are not complex. They will usually feature a solid structure with two skids on the bottom. With the Ambush brand, for example, the fiberglass and aluminum build keeps the building light enough for the skids to do their job well. Ambush skid ice houses do not contain any wood, so you’ll never have to worry about wood rot, a common nuisance in other ice fishing houses.

Skid fish houses are fantastic ice fishing houses that can give you a more permanent experience than simply setting up a tent and hoping for some bites. These can stay out there for weeks at a time if desired but have the ability to be mobile within seconds.

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