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Revive your Passion for Fishing with Ambush’s Skid Ice House

Are you still looking for a high-quality skid ice house to use on your ice fishing trips? Good news – the Ambush skid ice houses are the most robust and convenient ice fishing houses in the sector, thanks to the team of Ambush Outdoor Products.

Ice fishing Skid Houses

Ambush builds ice fishing skid houses with exceptional consistency, innovative characteristics, and high functionality in mind. Our ice fish houses have a polished appearance that will keep you warm throughout your cold-weather journeys, with various size choices.

Easy Mobility

Ambush ice skid shanties are ideal for the cold weather angler on the go. Ambush is one of the best aluminum skid house manufacturers, and each unit is handcrafted with great care. Thanks to the skid plates, fishermen can quickly connect their ice houses to an ATV and drag them across the ice.

Best Aluminum Skid Houses

Thanks to our excellent aluminum skid design and construction; corrosion, equipment failure, and wood decay are all things of the past. Not only are our skid ice house options lighter weight, but they also allow you to get out on the ice quicker and fish longer.

The Highest Quality

Ambush builds and assembles our Skid houses with special care. At Ambush Outdoor Products, we understand what is needed to come up with rugged, long-lasting equipment that can survive Mother Nature’s harshest fishing seasons. Because of our high-quality materials, our houses won’t rust or deteriorate due to road salt. There are various colors to choose from, and our dealers stock the most up-to-date units.

Our Promise

The ice house market may have changed over the years, but we have not. Not only do we promise to deliver only high-quality ice houses, we guarantee that our customer support is and will be second to none! Our family and friends deserve the best, and we think yours do too. We want to exceed your every expectation and deliver a product that lasts.

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