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So you want to build your own skid house?

The innovators at Ambush Outdoor Products have done it again.  If you are looking at a DIY ice fishing house to save a few bucks or you just love building things with your own hands, we’ve got you.  Introducing the new skid house chassis from Ambush.  Now you can start your build with the legendary, one-piece, welded aluminum chassis that Ambush uses on all of our skid houses.  From there, you build your own custom ice fishing shanty tailored for how you fish.  Add your own walls, roof, and accessories for a complete and custom ice fishing skid house – just the way you like it.  Our all aluminum skid house chassis are designed with the perfect balance between weight and strength. Every one come complete with UHMW hyfax for extended durability, a propane tank mount, tow bar bushing and tie-downs.

We have five different chassis sizes to choose from.

The Stryker chassis has a 5-½ foot  by 7 foot box size and is only 102 inches from ski tip to ski tip.  This length allows it to be loaded on a trailer sideways for transport which takes up less length on a trailer.

The Stryker XL has a box size of 6 feet by 8 feet with a total length with skis of 129 inches.

The Slayer chassis has a box size of 6-½ feet by 10 feet with a total length of 153 inches.  By the way, the 6-½ foot width will fit between the wheel wells of most trailers.

The Shanty skid house chassis has a box size of 6-½ feet by 14 feet long with a total length with skis of 201 inches.  The Shanty chassis will also fit between most wheel wells.

The Slammer chassis has a box size of 8 feet wide by 14 feet long with a total length with skis of 202 inches.

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