New Colors for Fishing Ice House Ambush Skid House

New Ambush Fishing Ice House Colors to Hit the Market

If you are in the market for a fishing ice house, there is no better option out there than Ambush. Ambush is the original woodless skid ice house, so it puts you in the best possible position for success out on the ice.

An Ice House for Whatever Size you Need!

Ambush’s two series are the Styker and the Slayer. Both of these are awesome options and can hold either five or three people at a time. Our Stryker series is 5.5’X7′. If you find yourself needing a larger ice house, our Slayer series is 6.5’X10′ with multiple fishing hole configurations and a flexible floor and seating plan.

Orange Color Option Stryker fishing ice houseOriginal Color Options

These two models of Ambush ice houses now have a new lineup of color options to choose from! Our standard accent colors orange, green, red, and blue are still available.

New Color Options!

Ambush has announced three new colors that you can soon choose from to customize your skid house. The first is the upgraded trim color.  Instead of shiny aluminum, you can opt for the new black trim package that works really well with the grey body.

Camo black fish slayer fishing ice houseBlack Fish Camo

The first of the new accent packages is a black, white, and grey color scheme that looks awesome when there is a layer of snow out on the ice. This design is a modern camo pattern that is designed using the outline of fish in those three colors. The fish bodies are layered together to create an attractive camo pattern.

Camo blue fish slayer

Blue Fish Camo

If you want a brighter look, the same camo pattern is designed using grey, light blue, and dark blue. Those two are both unique options to mix it up and make your skid house the talk of ice shanty town. For more information on these new colors or to become part of the Ambush family, visit your local Ambush skid house dealer!

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