ice fishing house - make the most of your winter with an ice fishing house

Make The Most Of Your Winter Fishing Season Using An Ice Fishing House

Ice fishing is one of the most popular winter sports and the love of many anglers. However, this simple yet laborious outdoor winter activity is incomplete without a durable ice fishing house. Any avid fisherman that enjoys ice fishing understands the importance of a portable ice fishing house.

Some of the best qualities of an ice fishing house are durability to stand the test of time, as well as lightweight for easy placement. Our ice fishing houses are manufactured with aluminum and contain no wood so there is no risk of wood rot – a common issue with ice houses.

Problems With Many Ice Fishing Houses

We often see families and many beginner anglers spend a lot of time searching for the right fishing shelter for the winter fishing season, and many end up buying wood or a wheeled ice fishing houses. They later regret wasting money on these ice houses, as many are difficult to move, and can come with water leakage problems that lead to rotten wood.

That’s why we have come up with modern innovative Aluminum framed ice fishing houses with fiberglass interiors and exterior. Ambush’s ice houses have many remarkable qualities that make it stand out from others. Here are some;

  • Framed with robust Aluminum- saves your fishing shanty from rust.
  • Built-in Aluminum Skids- makes it easy for transport.
  • Fiberglass interior- with extra room for gears and accessories.
  • Woodless- no need to worry about wood rot.
  • Portable- being lightweight makes it easy to move from one place to another.
  • Insulated construction prevents water leakage and contains warmth.
  • Slip-resistant- ensures safe ice fishing for you and your loved ones.

The best thing about our ice fishing house is its gel coat finishing that gives it a polished look from the outside. In addition, we offer you two different versions of ice fishing houses that give you the freedom to choose what suits you the most. All Ambush skid houses come with a removable tow bar that can even help you break your skid house free from the ice when you are done fishing! See why our skid houses are the best on the market!

Nevertheless, both are woodless and Aluminum framed, portable ice fishing skid houses. Both versions may vary in space, features, and name, but there is absolutely no compromise in quality.

stryker with floorplanStryker Ice fishing House

With only 620 pounds in weight, the Stryker makes it extremely easy for you to move from one place to another for your ice fishing trip. The Stryker ice fishing house has a space for 1-3 people. Other features include;

  • No seams
  • Multiple floor configurations
  • Gel coat finish
  • Four windows
  • 5.5′ x 7′ layout.
  • Woodless. Obviously!
  • Strong chassis and skids

slayer with floorplanSlayer Ice Fishing House

This one comes up with strong aluminum construction, and its slip-resistant floor makes it impossible for water to penetrate. It includes features such as;

  • No wood usage in construction
  • Gel coat finish
  • 61/2′ x 10′ lay out
  • Four windows
  • Fiberglass interior and exterior
  • Insanely Strong, welded, and chassis
  • Multiple floor configurations
  • One spear hole
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