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The Best Ambush Ice Fishing Shacks

Believe it or not, fishing is an activity that can be done all year round. It just requires a bit different gear to get the job done. The big thing that separates ice fishing from the other subsections of the sport is the gear you bring along the way. One piece of equipment that is not seen in any other area of fishing is the ice shack. Ice houses allow you to stay out on the water while still being warm and protected from the elements. There are also lots of accessories available for ice shacks. Here are the best ice fishing shacks made by Ambush!

Slayer Ice Shacks

The first of two ice fishing shacks is the Slayer Series by Ambush. The Slayer is listed first because it is the original woodless skid ice house. Why is being woodless important? Well, there are several perks. The two biggest are the saving of weight and ability to use materials that last a lot longer in the elements. The build is made of aluminum and fiberglass to add strength and maintain a light weight.

The Slayer features a flexible floor plan with multiple floor configurations so you can find the hole placement layout that works best for you.

If you know your ice fishing trips will include more than a couple of people, this is the top option. This is also a skid style house that allows for easy transportation and provides an excellent home out on the ice.

The layout is 6.5×10 feet so there is plenty of room for all your fishing activities. For an ice fishing shack that will last a very long time, you are getting the entire value out of the purchase and more.

Stryker Ice Shacks

The second option for the Ambush ice fishing shacks is the Stryker. This is a similar house, but it is made for those who do not need as much room on the ice. If it is just you and a partner out there, this is the perfect size.

Like the Slayer, the Stryker is a woodless shack made of aluminum and fiberglass all wrapped with a gel coating. Because the size is also smaller, The Stryker comes in at just 620 pounds, which makes it very easy to get around.

In Conclusion

Those are the two best Ambush ice fishing shacks on the market today! They have slightly different uses, but it all comes down to figuring out what you need in your ice shack. This is subjective to everyone individually but weigh your wants and needs and see which one will best fit you!

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