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So you want to build your own skid house?

The innovators at Ambush Outdoor Products have done it again.  If you are looking at a DIY ice fishing house to save a few bucks or you just love building things with your own hands, we’ve got you.  Introducing the new skid house chassis from Ambush.  Now you can start your build with the legendary, […]

Voyager interior

All About Ambush Skid House Accessories

Ambush skid and wheel house accessories are a perfect way to personalize and add more functionality to your fish house. From rod holders to solar panels, go as minimal or as fancy as you want! Here are some great additions to make your Ambush fish house a home away from home. Skid and Wheel House [...]
Skid house at sunset

The Ultimate Romantic Gesture: Ice Fishing for Valentine’s Day!

Hey there, fellow lovebirds and cold-weather enthusiasts! So, picture this: it's Valentine's Day, the day of love and romance. And guess what my amazing, creative, and oh-so-thoughtful boyfriend planned for us? A romantic ice fishing date! Yes, you read that right, ICE FISHING. Because nothing says "I love you" like sitting on a frozen lake, [...]
propane regulator

Mastering Propane Regulators and Safety Tips for Ambush Ice Houses

Ambush Skid Houses offer a unique and comfortable ice fishing experience, complete with LP tanks for heaters. To ensure the safe and efficient operation of your ice house, it's essential to understand propane regulators and proper techniques for their use. In this blog post, we will explore valuable insights shared by experienced users to help [...]
Ice Fishing Gift Guide 2023

Best Ice Fishing Gift Guide 2023

Does the serious ice fisherman in your life own an Ambush skid house? If so, then this 2023 holiday gift guide is for you! From rod holders to towing accessories, we've included over two dozen gift ideas for your loved ones’ Ambush premium hard-sided fish house. No matter what your budget is, we're sure you'll [...]
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Prepping your Skid House for the Season

When it comes to ice fishing, having a well-prepared skid house can be the difference between a fishing trip full of elation or aggravation. Prepping your skid house properly before the season starts will not only save you from potential headaches and inconveniences but also contribute to your safety while on the ice. So, let's [...]
Exterior of Slammer Weekender in red

Skid House Maintenance – Tips for Longevity

Skid houses have come a long way since the days of plywood ice fishing shanties. Over the years, they've continued to improve in terms of materials and their versatility. Here at Ambush, we go the extra mile in making world-class, premium, hard-sided skid houses. They are the ultimate experience in fishing comfort and safety! Combining [...]

Fishing First

At Ambush Skid Houses, our commitment to "Fishing First" isn't just a catchphrase – it's the driving force behind every design and innovation we bring to the market. We understand that to create the best ice fishing skid houses and wheel houses, we must put the needs of anglers at the forefront. So, what exactly [...]
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