aluminum skid ice house best on market

Why An Aluminum Skid Ice House is the Best on the Market

The best way to take your ice fishing to an entirely new level is by using an ice house. Ice houses are shelters that are placed on frozen lakes to provide a buffer between you and various weather conditions. Of the many ice houses on the market, an aluminum ice fishing skid house is one of the best options. More specifically, Ambush makes aluminum ice fishing skid houses that are above all of the competition for a number of reasons. Today, we will discuss a few of those reasons.

Strong Yet Lightweight

First, Ambush skid houses are completely constructed with a strong, one-piece welded aluminum frame. This creates a strong, and very lightweight ice fishing skid house. This allows you to move it around easily without compromising any strength.

Completely Woodless

Because of the all-aluminum design, there is no wood in the build. Wood is a main material in traditional ice houses in which wood rot commonly occurs. This diminishes the integrity of your ice house. Ambush is working to change the game and provide a better-quality aluminum ice fishing skid house. In fact, Ambush is the original wood-free ice fishing skid house, after years of research and development to make the best skid ice house on the market.

Why does it matter?

That is a valid question, and it is important to ask yourself that, especially when making a big purchase. The factors of staying light and strong are important for a well-rounded ice fishing experience. Two of the biggest differentiators are being out of the harsh elements as well as being able to move your house easily. Having a comfortable place to warm up on the ice can make a huge difference, especially if you are ice fishing with children!

The other reason it matters is that bad weather will not keep you off the ice! Our insulated ice houses ensure that you can ice fish in comfort. Speaking of harsh elements, check out our article on keeping warm while ice fishing! Nothing can stop you when you invest in an ice fishing house from Ambush. So, if you are in the market for an aluminum ice fishing skid house that is easy to use, light, durable, and will provide you with a great home away from home, look no further than Ambush.

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