Ambush Best Ice Fishing Shacks in 2021

Best Ice Fishing Shacks in 2021

Despite what you may think, fishing can be done year-round despite the plummeting temperatures and freezing waterways, however, it does require a different skill set, set of equipment, and attitude to get it done. Today, we will be breaking down the best ice fishing shacks in 2021. Each one has great perks to get you some fish this winter. Here are the best ice fishing shacks in 2021!

Slayer Ice Fishing House

When the temperatures drop, your comfort comes to the forefront of priorities. The Slayer Ice Fishing House is one that gives you a truly unique experience out on the ice. This is a unique option for one main reason: there is no wood used in the design at all. This is a huge deal because waterproofing is at the highest level possible. Made with a seamless Durabond Panel®, Ambush’s ice fishing houses are insulated and leak-free.

Protection from the Elements

With a fiberglass and aluminum build and a gel coat, you will have the best protection from the elements possible. At the end of the day, this is what is important for the best ice fishing shacks in 2021.

Maximum Comfort & Compatibility

The inside features multiple floor configuration options, four windows, and plenty of room to fit chairs, heaters, and anything else that you may need. The Slayer Ice Fishing House is easy to move around for a season on the ice at a total of 880 pounds.

Stryker Ice Fishing House

The other one of the best ice fishing shacks in 2021 is the Stryker Ice Fishing House. Like the option above, this is a fishing shack without any wood in the design which brings some great perks as we already pointed out. It also features a fiberglass shell with a gel coat to keep it light while still being strong.

Light Weight & Versatile

That mixture of aluminum and fiberglass keeps the weight hovering around 600 pounds. For a shack to be this large and light provides a great amount of versatility with the time you can get out on the ice and how it can be moved around.

High Adaptability

There is a window on each of the four sides and can accommodate different floor plan configurations of your choosing. Overall, this makes our list for the best ice fishing shacks in 2021 because of the excellent built and bang for your buck that comes along with it.

Those are two of the best ice fishing shacks in 2021! Each has a few features that push them above the rest in terms of performance and value. The key for both of them is the woodless design that saves on weight, reinforces strength, and can be used for a very long time.

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