what to pack for ice fishing

What To Pack For Ice Fishing – A Packing Guide

Ice fishing is a popular sport enjoyed by many during the cold season. For those who head out to the frozen lakes, however, it is important to pack well so your time out there is comfortable and enjoyable. There are items to pack to help you catch your fish, and there are other essentials you’ll need to keep safe on those frozen waters.

These are some of the essentials you’ll want to pack for ice fishing next time you head out.

1. Warm Winter Clothing

warm winter clothing for ice fishingThe temperatures on the water, even if it’s frozen, are going to be different than what you feel walking out your door. Weather conditions on the lake could be windy, causing light snow that has fallen on the ice to blow around and into your face. Since ice fishing does not require you to move about much, you will get cold fast. Make sure you wear layers of warm clothing to protect against cold, windy weather.

If you want to protect yourself from the wind, a Slayer Skid House is a perfect choice to head out to the lakes earlier in the season. This house is easy to move with its all-aluminum frame and has multiple floor configuration choices.

2. Ice Fishing Lures

When it comes to packing your ice fishing tacklebox, jigs are often the favorite choice of ice fishers. If you do not want to try keeping minnows alive in the cold, jigs are a great option. Jigs work by jigging the lure up and down to get the fish’s attention.

3. Auger For Hole Drilling

ice augerThere are multiple types of augers used for ice fishing. Some are powered by gas, others are automatic, and there are those you operate by hand. The gas-powered augers work faster and will put a lot less strain on you.

4. Fishing Rods for the Ice

Many people are not aware you need a different type of rod to ice fish than normal fishing rods. The size of a spinning reel is designed for precise, long casts which are not necessary with ice fishing. Ice fishing requires a smaller, shorter radius so you are able to feel when the fish bite.

The line used in ice fishing is also different. A regular fishing line will become brittle when submerged in icy water, which can cause it to break easily. Ice fishing line is braided and thicker so you are able to battle with your catch and get it on top of the ice without losing your lures.

5. Safety Gear for Ice Fishing

What to pack for ice fishing also includes:

  • Safety equipment such as a life jacket
  • Sleds and buckets to help store and pull your equipment across the ice
  • Fishing license as determined needed by your State

6. Shelters for Ice Fishing

Ambush Stryker Ice House angle  FLSome of these items are necessary, some will make the experience more pleasurable like a shelter.  A Stryker Skid House works perfect for ice fishing and also has multiple floor plan options. It has a strong chassis and skis so getting it to your favorite fishing spot will be quick and easy.

Knowing what to pack for ice fishing will be a learned event. If it’s your first time out, you want to make sure you can stay warm and have the equipment needed to catch fish and bring them home. Each time you head out to frozen waters, you will discover things that could make the experience better, such as a fish locator, and include it in your next outing. One thing for sure is the experience will be more enjoyable when you don’t have to battle weather elements in an Ambush Skid House. Oh, and don’t forget your ice fishing snacks!


If you like spearfishing, you might want to consider Ambush’s Stryker Darkhouse. Sometimes called a spear shack, this spearing house is completely blacked out on the inside and purpose-built for spearing to help you see into the water below!

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