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Must-Have Ice Spearing Equipment

With the launch of our new Stryker ice fishing dark house for spearfishing, we have been fielding a lot of question about how the spear fishing sport is taking off. There are tons of products out there for spear fishing through the ice but, what ice spearing equipment is necessary? Every fisherman has his/her own opinion on what is necessary. Check out the 5 pieces of ice spearing equipment we think are a must-have.

Darkhouse Skid House

The first must-have piece of ice spearing equipment is a darkhouse.  What is an ice fishing darkhouse? Sometimes called a spear shack, the Stryker Darkhouse, is a completely blacked out, ice fishing skid house with a large spearing hold in the floor.  Being completely blacked out on the inside, it allows you to better see what’s happening below the surface. We like to spear fish in darkhouse, it makes the entire trip more enjoyable and productive.   Having a darkhouse skid house has many important advantages. Our Stryker Darkhouse is made from an all-aluminum frame, so it is lightweight compared to other options. With Ambush’s spear shack, you can get on the ice sooner in the season and stay out later.


The next piece of equipment you must have when spear fishing is a spear. There are multiple different options when picking out a spear, such as weight, length, the thickness of the handle, and the number of tines. These differences are personal preferences. Pick out the spear that is most comfortable for you.

Ice Tools

The third essential must-have ice spearing equipment are ice tools. You will need a pair of ice tongs, an ice auger, and an ice saw to cut the spear hole. Also, don’t forget an ice scooper! There is nothing more frustrating than floating slush when that big pike swims up to your decoy.


Also, you need to have a decoy or bait to lure the fish in. If you decide to go with live bait, make sure you keep them in a container with proper oxygen. Dead bait will quickly ruin a good day of spear fishing.


Finally, make sure a gaff is amongst your ice spearing equipment. A gaff will help you get more fish on top of the ice. It makes for a more enjoyable trip, too! No one likes having to put their hands into the cold water.

Share your favorite pieces of ice spearing equipment with us by sending us a message. If you are interested in an Ambush Stryker Darkhouse, find a dealer near you!

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