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All About Ambush Skid House Accessories

Ambush skid and wheel house accessories are a perfect way to personalize and add more functionality to your fish house. From rod holders to solar panels, go as minimal or as fancy as you want! Here are some great additions to make your Ambush fish house a home away from home.

Skid and Wheel House Benches

Help take the load off by adding a backrest to your skid house bench. The easy, no-hassle attachment style makes it a snap.

Skid House Bench Backrests– Stryker & Slayer

The backrest option is the perfect complement to the bench for your ice fishing comfort. The backrest mounts directly to the end wall and can easily be removed if needed. These are available for end benches only.

Fish House Rod Accessories

Rod Holder

Looking to spruce up your fishing game? Check out the Rapala Rod Holder. This handy tool simply slides over the top of the SmartHub connector and clicks into place, so you’ll be ready to start reeling in those big catches!

  • Adjustable Rod Holder can rock or be locked down for “tip down” or “dead rod” applications by adjusting set screw
  • Articulated arm adjusts to any position
  • Keeps rod safe while easily accessible
  • Includes one adjustable SmartHub® connector. Mount to a flat surface or position along the Track System 16 (sold separately)
  • Mounting hardware included

Lock ‘N Hold Rod Rack

Looking for a way to keep your fishing rods organized and safe? Look no further than this durable, long-lasting plastic holder! It can accommodate up to six rods without deforming or damaging the rod and includes all the necessary mounting hardware.

  • Base grip holder
  • Fits many rod sizes
  • Interlocking system allows easy expansion
  • Holds up to 6 rods

Rattle Reel

Looking to add a little extra excitement to your fishing experience? Check out the Rapala Rattle Reel! This easy-to-use reel simply slides over the top of a SmartHub® connector and clicks into place – then you’re ready to start fishing. This reel is sure to draw in the big catches. So why wait? Give the Rapala Rattle Reel a try today!

  • Specifically designed to hold all Sufix® Rattle Reel & Tip-Up Line spools. Fits 14mm or 15mm center spools.
  • Pre-loaded with 25 yards of Sufix 30 lb. Rattle Reel Line
  • Rapala® logo glow features for low light conditions
  • Built-in hook keeper
  • Variable spool tension knob
  • Includes one adjustable SmartHub connector. Mount to a flat surface or position along the Track System 16 (sold separately)
  • Mounting hardware included


Direct Vent Skid and Wheel House Heaters

Introducing the new direct vent heaters for the Ambush Skid and Wheel Houses. These units are safe, dry, and warm. They include a thermostat and an external fan.

  • 11,000, and 20,000 BTU models available.
  • No need to remove the front cover to light the pilot.
  • The igniter is conveniently positioned on the top of the unit.
  • Built-in thermostat for warm and adjustable heat
  • Nice profile and look
  • Visible flame for a nice ambiance
  • Cast iron grill for excellent heat dispersion.
  • 11,000 BTU recommended for the Slayer, Stryker, and Stryker XL Skid Houses
  • 20,000 BTU recommended for the Slammer, Shanty, and Explorer Skid Houses
11,000 BTU Ambush Skid House Heater

Truma Forced Air Heat

The truma-forced air system is efficient, compact, and quiet. It comes with intelligent fan control, a three-stage burner system, and a special night, quiet, mode. These forced air heating systems are available on the Slammer, Shanty, and Explorer skid houses.

Truma Forced Air Heat with Digital Control Panel and Custom Cabinet is for the Slammer, Shanty, and Explorer and comes with an HDPE Custom Cabinet.

*These units are available only when installed at the factory and are not available for individual purchase.

Truma Forced Air System

Skid and Wheel House Ventless Heater

Mr. Heater 10,000 BTU ventless heater. This unit is economical and requires no outside venting. Runs on propane and includes a regulator and hose as well as a CO detector.

Skid House Accessory

Propane Tanks

Meet the backbone of your ice fishing comfort—the 20lb LP tank designed for Ambush Skid and Wheel Houses. With a durable build and 20-pound capacity, it ensures prolonged warmth on frozen lakes. Compact for easy transport, it fits seamlessly into your gear. Safety is paramount, featuring a user-friendly valve for precise control. Ensure your ice fishing comfort and stay warm while you focus on fishing.

20lb LP Tank

Solar Accessories

20-Watt Solar Kit with Charge Controller

Great for charging 12-volt batteries. Includes a 20-watt, 17-volt solar panel, positive and negative battery clips, a USB/12V port, and a solar charge controller.

The Waterproof Solar Charge Controller allows you to charge lithium batteries and includes:

  • Short-circuit protection
  • Overload protection
  • Reverse current protection
20 Watt Solar Panel with Controller v2

100-Watt Solar Kit with Charge Controller

Keep your battery charged with our 100-watt Solar Panel paired with the Dakota Lithium charge controller. Compatible with all battery types and featuring a USB port, this kit ensures universal power access. Charge batteries efficiently and stay connected on the go. The Dakota Lithium controller offers robust protection—short-circuit, overload, and reverse current—making your energy experience safe and reliable. Embrace sustainable power effortlessly with our compact and versatile solar panel kit.

100 Watt Solar Panel with Controller

200-Watt Solar Package

Looking for a reliable and affordable way to power your skid house or wheel house? This 200-watt Solar Package is perfect for you! It includes a 200-watt solar panel, USB power block, and controller (battery not included). With this package, you’ll always have the power you need while out on the ice. Simply situate the skid house or wheel house so the solar panel is oriented to the south, which puts the door opposite of the prevailing winds, hook up your battery and you are good to go. Depending on the battery size, you can power all of the lights, fans, TV, and more.

200 watt solar panel


Electronics Pedestal

Use this electronics pedestal for your fish finder, or even a snack! Once installed, set up is a breeze. Simply lock the base into place, and it’s ready to go!

Electronic Pedestal

48 x 8.5 Accessory Shelf

Universal shelf, steel, powder-coated black shelf for storing your hunting or ice fishing gear.

Skid House Large Accessory Shelf

Sonar Shelf

10″ x 10″ sonar shelf that’s perfect for getting your sonar electronics off the floor. The shelf is aluminum, and black powder-coated.

Skid House Accessory

Shelf With Netting

This sturdy shelf is a convenient solution for storing a variety of items in your skid house or wheelhouse. The durable netting keeps your belongings secure and organized, while the open design allows for airflow and prevents moisture buildup.

  • Shanty skid house models can fit up to 2 shelves.
  • Slayer skid house models can fit up to 2 shelves
Shelf with netting

Skid House Towing Accessories

Ambush Swivel Hitch

Introducing the new Ambush Swivel Hitch. Now, hooking up your skid house is easier and quicker with our articulating hitch extension. No more repeated attempts at backing up. The Ambush Swivel hitch is a unique, articulating hitch extension that moves your ball out past your ATV or UTV tires and tracks. All you need to do is pull the pins, back up, hook up, and pull forward.

  • Perfect for any vehicle without a backup camera
  • Designed for 2″ ATV/UTV Receivers
  • NOT to be used with load-bearing tongues.
  • For off-road use only

Always make sure the pins are in place and secure before towing.

Ambush Skid Houses Swivel Hitch

28” Extended Hitch for 1.25” Receivers

The extended Ambush receiver hitch insert comes in handy when pulling your skid house with an ATV or a UTV equipped with tracks. Avoid rubbing your hitch against your tracks by extending the pivot point of your hitch beyond your tracks. Off-road use only in 1.25″ receivers. Not for load-bearing tongues. Accepts balls with a 1″ shank. NOTE: The tow bar on Ambush Skid Houses comes with a coupler for 2″ balls.

For 2″ receivers, view our 37″ Extended Hitch

28 inch hitch extension top view


Last but certainly not least. Don’t forget about these important ice house accessories that make life a little easier!

Steel Cup Holder

Up your cupholder game. This bad boy is made out of sturdy steel and is powder-coated black. Designed to hold a can, bottle, or tumbler of your favorite ice fishing beverage.

ice shanty cup holder with tumbler

Coat Hook

Gets your coats and any other hang-able items up off the floor to help reduce clutter.

Skid House Coat Hanger

300W/600W Power Inverter

Converts your 12V power to AC power. Can be used to power your TV, Microwave, etc. Includes a USB-A output.

Power Inverter

Window Shades

Ambush window shades are customized for ALL models. These black shades provide privacy and darken the blind for spearing or site fishing. These blinds can be positioned up, down, or anywhere in between.

Sizes: 36 x 24 (Slayer, Shanty, Slammer); 24 x 18 (Stryker and Stryker XL)

Window Shades

110V Generator Plug

Connect to shore power or generator with our waterproof, 15 Amp 125V AC Power Inlet Port Plug. It features a Dual 18″ Extension Cable.

  •      15 Amp Flanged Inlet:No oxidation for the nickel-coated copper pole on the plug, made of premium copper and Nylon plastic to avoid the damage of UV degradation and chemicals, rugged and durable for indoor and outdoor.
  •      Easy Reliable Installation:2″ Hole size required, 4″ long stainless steel screws will fix straight blade flanged inlet on the hole or wall more tightly. No gap on the edge!
  •      Weatherproof Cover:ETL approved, and the RV electrical outlet cap and back cover will protect it from rain, storms, snow, and dust, and even works well in Western Colorado winters, without cracks and leaks.
  •      No Need to Wire Up:The male receptacle is already wired up by 2 x 14AWG 18-inch extension cable with NEMA5-15R. Just plug in to connect the power.
  •      Widely Compatible:As a generator or battery charger plug to energize your electrical devices. Widely used in trailers, campers, RVs, cars, boats, marine, block heaters, homes, bumpers, and recessed outlet boxes.
110v Generator Plug

LED Roku Smart TV & Mount

Waiting for the fish to bite? Binge on movies and TV episodes, news, sports, music and more! Watch via cable, satellite, HDTV antenna, or just start streaming from your favorite app. Like the sound of your own voice? You can actually use it with the Roku mobile app to search for the title, artist, actor, or director, or just go old-school with the handy remote. Lose yourself in the ultimate viewing experience.

As you can see, there’s a lot you can add to your existing ice house. More comfort means more time on the ice; that can translate into more fish! Experience ice fishing awesomeness like never before. Look into Ambush Skid House accessories today to help take your ice fishing to the next level.

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