Labeling requirements for ice fishing equipment

Labeling Requirements for Ice Fishing Equipment in Minnesota

The ice fishing season is quickly approaching. If you are anything like us, you can not wait to get out there. As you start to break your equipment out of storage and get it ready for the season, it is essential to meet all labeling requirements for ice fishing equipment. Once your skid house and equipment meet all the requirements, you will be ready to hit the ice.

Shelter Labeling Requirements

In the State of Minnesota, all non-portable shelters must have licenses. This license must be easily visible from the outside of the shelter. The State of Minnesota defines a portable shelter as a shelter that collapses, folds, or disassembles for transportation. Under this clasification, Ambush Skid houses are considered non-portable shelters. Portable shelters only need licenses and identification when left unattended, which is defined as all occupants being more than 200 feet away.

On top of a shelter license, you must have your identification on the shelter. There are a couple of different options for shelter identification. You can choose to display your name and address, your driver’s license number, or your MN DNR identification number on the shelter. This information must be easily visible on the outside of the ice shelter with letters at least two inches high. Also, if you leave the shelter out overnight, there must be at least 2 square inches of reflective material on each side of it.

Why does the equipment need to be labeled?

Labeling requirements for ice fishing equipment exist to keep everyone safe, including the environment. The labels give DNR officers a way to trace equipment back to you. In case of an emergency, they would be able to get ahold of you. In other words, properly meeting labeling requirements for ice fishing equipment is like having an ID for your equipment.

Finally, you are ready to label your equipment for the ice fishing season. Check out this blog on how to prepare your ice fishing equipment for the season or find a dealer near you for a new ice shelter.

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