Ambush Swivel Hitch


Introducing the new Ambush Swivel Hitch.   Now, hooking up your skid house is easier and quicker with our articulating hitch extension.  No more repeated attempts at backing up.  The Ambush Swivel hitch is a unique, articulating hitch extension that moves your ball out past your ATV or UTV tires and tracks.  All you need to do is pull the pins, back up, hook up and pull forward.

  • Perfect for any vehicle without a backup camera
  • Designed for 2″ ATV/UTV Receivers
  • NOT to be used with load-bearing tongues.
  • For off-road use only

Always make sure the pins are in place and secure before towing.


There’s nothing like it on the market today.  We’ve all done it.  We’ve backed up our ATV, UTV or even our trucks only to find that we are 3 inches away from the hitch.  Now with the Ambush Swivel hitch, we just need to come close.  The new hitch extension, articulates at 2 different points allowing you to move the ball in or out and left or right.  Once you are hooked up, you drive forward and the Ambush Swivel Hitch straightens out, allowing you to lock it in place.  The hitch extension is designed for light loads like skid house tow bars or light weight trailer tongues.  So why do you need a hitch extension anyway?  Primarily to get your ball out past the tires and tracks on a ATV or UTV.  That way they don’t rub when you are turning corners.

We also offer fixed hitch extensions for 2″ and 1.25″ receivers.

What are you waiting for?  Order the unique hitch extension that everyone is talking about today!

Used Slayer Skid House S/N 2221Used Slayer 2221used Slayer 6H-C S/N: 2046Used Slayer Skid House #2046
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