Stryker Darkhouse – Ice Fishing Spear House

Looking to get into darkhouse spearfishing?  Look no further.  The Ambush Stryker Darkhouse, ice fishing spear house, is exactly what you need.  Complete with a blacked out interior and fitted with a large spearing opening measuring 30″ x 48″.

Built on our legendary Stryker skid house platform, the new darkhouse configuration has the same quality construction and uncompromising standards that you have come to know and expect from Ambush skid houses. Experience a new level of quality, comfort and fun when spear fishing from a spear shack built by Ambush.  For more complete details and specifications, please visit our Stryker Darkhouse for Spearfishing page

Color Stripe Options


Featured below in the video is the standard Stryker Skid house. This is the exact same chassis that the new Stryker Darkhouse is built on. The main difference is the spearing hole and the all blacked out interior.

The Ambush Stryker Skid HouseAmbush Stryker Ice House angle  FLambush logo on skid houseSkid House Reflective Decals
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